Liquid was born in April 2011 in the Chiado neighbourhood, in a space from 1936, that reopened with a new project from Teresa Alves Barata.
We are a 100% national brand and were pioneers in Portugal with this concept of functional juices and smoothies of fruit and vegetables and wheatgrass shots, made in front of the customer. We pride ourselves on using local and seasonal products, prefer BIO products, choose flours and whole grains, choose animal proteins from outdoor and use biodegradable packaging.

“We are what we eat” – reminds us Teresa, we should include in our diet natural foods such as: vegetables, fruits, herbs, dried fruits and seeds that nourish our cells and help to cure and detox our body.

LIQUID, more than a concept of food, the definition of a way of being in life!




Beyond juices and smoothies, Liquid offers other products, always based on natural and healthy diet, selecting seasonal ingredients, grown locally and organic, whenever possible.

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The Liquid Detox Program is a detox that consist on a series of green smoothies and juices, tailor made for each client, and made on the same day to maintain intact all their nutritional properties.

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Como uma das primeiras Health Coaches em Portugal, formada pelo Institute for Integrative Nutrition em Nova York, tenho como missão implementar mudanças na vida dos meus clientes de forma a atingirem o bem estar, a saúde e alegria.

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All the Liquid spaces are created with all our effort and dedication, offering products that intend to change the life of our customer, giving them more energy, health and well-being.
We believe that “TRUE NUTRITION” is the best fuel for the body, mind and spirit.
We believe that most illnesses can be prevented by diet, as many scientific studies are showing.
We believe that most healing should be made from the inside out, based in what we eat and in what we should avoid.
We believe in a natural, diverse and tasty diet, as close as possible to nature, and giving priority to quality over quantity.
We believe that we can show our customers that there is alway a tastier and healthier choice!
We prioritise seasonal, local products buying always the freshest from small local producers, reducing as much as possible our carbon footprint, and we choose organic if available from our partners.

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