What’s the purpose of Liquid detox?

It’s a Program that detoxifies and cleans the body, getting rid of toxins and giving you the necessary ingredients to rebalance your PH and recover your health and energy.

The amount of toxins in the air, water and food to which we are daily exposed is increasing every day, and for our body, despite having its own mechanisms to detoxify itself, is difficult to keep the pace. This is one of the main reasons why our body  easily reaches exhaustion and begins to fail, causing us sickness due to oxidative stress and inflammation.
Following a Detox program renews our entire well being.

The 3 Stages of the detox process



At this stage the cells identify the toxins and, using the specific enzymes, transform them through a chemical oxidation process which makes them harmless and solvable in water, in a way that can be expelled through the kidneys or the colon (that is why the hydration is so important at this point)



At this stage, toxins are neutralized through specific substances which can be safely expelled



At this point toxins are eliminated through the urine, feces and sweat. That is why the right nutrition is so important during all stages, so the organs can properly do their work. When we eat the right foods, we will have all the nutrients needed to support this process. Besides, if we take away from our diet, the animal protein and the carbohydrates during several days and we eat only vegetables and some fruit, we will give a rest to our digestive system. This way, there is a big amount of energy that is saved to be used in the detox process, making it more effective and complete.


This program has the advantage of being tailor made, respecting the needs, preferences and limitations of each customer.
The main goals are:
Loose weight
Beautiful skin

If, beside these goals you have something else you wish to reinforce, we will prepare a specific program for you taking into account all your needs.

In this LIQUID Detox Program you will replace all your daily meals by our delicious juices and smoothies

Advanced booking
Custom made
Duration: 1 to 5 days

Duração de 1 a 5 dias



Liquid Detox

This program has been especially created for the coldest season of the year , as it combines hot soups with juices and smoothies. It is a very complete program and full of nutrients that support the natural detox of our bodies.

Advanced Booking
Custom made
Duration: 1 to 5 days


Duração de 1 a 5 dias


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